Speaking + Writing

Frank speaks regularly on school planning topics at internnational, national and regional conferences,  His focus is on transformed education and the facilities that support it. Recent and upcoming topics have included:

  • High Performing Learning Places
  • School Transformation: Practices, Process and Places of Best and Next Practices
  • Emerging Best Practices
  • School Buildings -The State of Affairs
  • State School Design Standards: Can’t Live with Them; Can’t Live without Them
  • How to Create a Successful Master Plan
  • Effective Schools; Innovative Facilities, Differentiated Learning Through Innovative School Design
  • School Design in the 21st Century
  • Linking Student Success to School Facilities
  • School of the Future
  • Goldfish and Water
  • Team Teaching and Integrated Learning
  • Innovation in School Facilities: Planning, Places, + Process

PowerPoints of some of these are available in PDF from the Company Store (free stuff, instant gratification).

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